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Balde Diagnostics Corporation Data Analysis Services

BDC develops experimental and analytical technologies for assessing the vibratory response of Integrally Bladed Rotors. BDC technology is also used to extract information from spin-pit and engine testing of conventional bladed disks during component development or to establish the root cause of High Cycle Fatigue failures.

  • Blade Diagnostics Corporation
  • 6688 Kinsman Road
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15217
  • (412) 398-0643

Jerry Griffin

View Jerry H. Griffin's qualifications.


Carnegie Mech Article

Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Magazine published this article on BDC.


Reduced Vibration Through Smart Blade Arrangements

Blade Diagnostics has developed technology to reduce the vibration of conventionally attached turbine blades by optimizing the arrangement of the blades around the disk.


Replacement or Refurbished IBRs are “Good as New”

BDC’s new inspection technology can characterize the vibration behavior of Integrally Bladed Rotors/Blisks, and could provide the basis for FAA certification of replacement parts in commercial engines as well as DoD certification for replacements IBRs in military engines. BDC’s inspection technologies work equally well for stages with hollow as well as solid blades.